Instant Inventory Data
Live inventory lookups direct from your stock control system

Works with your existing system

Smartcode has existing integrations with lots of popular stock and accountancy systems and is also able to integrate with bespoke systems on request.

Our integrations allow you to scan your stock data and display live information on your mobile device without having to be tied to a desktop.

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Inventory Changes
  • Live Updates
    Any inventory data updated on a Smartcode device is sent instantly to your existing stock control system.
  • Audit Trail
    All stock changes are logged and available in your Smartcode web reporting.
  • Real Time Sync
    Smartcode integrates live with your stock control system to display live, realtime data.
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Custom Data Views

Get visibility on the data that is important to your employees with a simple item scan.

Image Lookups

Easily check an item's image from a wireless device.

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