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Our batch picking software intelligently groups orders for fast picking

Works with any system

Smartcode supports both paper and paperless picking systems.

If you are using a paper based pick note system just add a barcode to your pick note and you are ready to scan.

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Multi Order Pick Lists
  • Intelligent Grouping
    Open orders can be grouped by product type, location, courier or shipping rule.
  • Instant Availability
    Pick lists are sent directly to handheld devices to enable fast order to pick times.
  • Priority Allocation
    Next day pick lists are automatically pushed to the top of the batch list orders to ensure courier deadlines are met.
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Advanced pick reporting

Access KPIs on picker stats such as time taken to pick, items picked, average pick per user and many more.

Automated status updates

Gain full visibility on your warehouses workload. Smartcode can change order statuses in your system when orders have been picked, packed and dispatched.

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